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22decembre @22decembre@bsd.network

Someone has a good conf' for on httpd ?

I mean, I know how to generate certs, etc.

I just wish to know what params you give in the httpd.conf because honnestly, I have no idea.

Further up question : if you recommand NOT to use in or other secure protocols, why push for it in / ?

Friend asked that and I think it makes a point !

I think I would indeed prefer to use in tls !


Hello. Can we hope to have the spamd daemon to listen on on 6.3 ? Or still too early ?

Thanks for answers.

When you receive good comments and compliments in a mail about your router doc from a sysadmin...

You feel very good !

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"Technologiemelancholie, noun [U]: The feeling of sadness and disappointment at the thought of how the reality of technology differs from what would theoretically be possible."

Those Germans have a word for everything...

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Are the standard documents for available? has an interest in creating a not-shite implementation for our .

@phessler have you thought of writing a doc for mounting a instance on ? Sharing your experience... ?

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C'est pas compliqué : si c'est un musulman qui commet un massacre c'est un terroriste.
Sinon, si la personne est blanche c'est un déséquilibré. Ça marche aussi en Europe.

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Les suprémacistes blancs américains tuent davantage de gens que les islamistes radicaux. Deux fois plus et pourtant on accuse toujours les musulmans d’être la cause de tous les maux aux USA. Le racisme systémique c’est un peu cela aussi.
static.theintercept.com/amp/th mastodon.gougere.fr/media/LCd5

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@rnelson @mulander @phessler @22decembre @feld If you haven't been personally flamed by Theo, you aren't a *real* user :-). I feel, um, privileged? that he and Henning were at one point privately debating how crazy I was (based on what I was doing with the network stack).

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Headed to NYC to teach people how to write OpenBSD ports! It's freezing out here waiting for the train.

All of sudden, I got scared Theo de Raadt might join this place !

This would go to an other level !