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Andrew Hewus Fresh

Have OpenBSD things I really need to get done this weekend, but as with most days recently, the last thing I want is to go near a computer.

After hearing how great pączki are, helped @bugZ make some vegan. No idea if they taste right, but are delicious. Only like a week late!

My talk "Fighting Spam at the Frontline" was accepted for @BSDCan. I'll be talking about strategies and tools (including one of my own) to fight spam at the mx. See you in !

Whee, I'll come to Ottawa in June to talk about slaacd(8) and how pledge(2) helped to write it.

Very timely to be listening to this @greaterthancode podcast where they talk about codes of conduct and the ways folks are likely to misinterpret the reasons they exist.

@mike @lattera @wezm Let's see... so to review a diff someone wants me to look at, do I want to rely on email with its great interop, client diversity, accessibility, and inherently independent infrastructure, or do I want my naturally insecure web browser to visit a javescript-heavy social network for git users only, which runs on a giant cluster of computers owned by a for-profit corporation...?

I do have friends who work at github, BTW. But I am sticking with email for diffs, thanks.

W00! More things getting released as at work this week. It is a good week!

It must be love, I tried to help understand Java.

A whole weekend away from computers. That was sure nice.

Yay! picked a place way, early for BSD Pizza this month!

Is Mastodon still a thing?

Wishing* I was at the hackathon and hear an Australian tourism commercial from the other room. Hmm.
* apart from this cold that means I don't want to do anything

Thinking about a new cell phone. US Sprint LTE and I'm not really interested in investing in the Apple ecosystem and don't want to give up Qi charging. Any suggestions?

Rereading _The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy_ which I have not done in far too long. Relatedly, wishing we still had Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett.

Ready for it to be Saturday and the start of the weekend tomorrow. Got a fair amount done this weekend, but not enough of it was stuff on *my* TODO list.

One of my favorite features is that the hallway track space is at least as large as the space the talks are in and very welcoming.

My least favorite thing so far at are all the proprietary channels when there are open options like available.

Guido van Rossum at talking about the same growing pains that have been a big deal in the 5 community recently