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Random clickbait, er blog post, idea: "I've got a fever and the only prescription is more ."

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In response to @rob_pike's comment about /bin/true having formally been an empty file, we were joking around about `npm install true`, and, well, it exists. The code, the code, with unit tests! You're killing me. Well played, sir.


@akpoff Also, just because a proposal is rejected, does not mean that the idea is bad. Maybe it was a bumper crop year for submissions. Maybe you didn't explain it well or in enough detail. Flesh it out and polish it to submit to another conference or the same conference next year.

Random things in my .profile:

alias dosa="echo Mmm, dosa are good, but maybe you meant \'doas\(1\)\'"


If you're deliberating whether to submit a topic to a CFP, do it. The CFP committee are trying to create a balanced schedule. Yours may be one they need. The proposal I *thought* more interesting, rejected. The proposal I *almost* didn't submit, accepted. @BSDCan

Note for testing termcap(5) entries:

[A] severe test is to use vi(1) to edit /etc/passwd at 9600 baud, delete roughly 16 lines from the middle of the screen, then hit the `u' key several times quickly. If the display messes up, more padding is usually needed. bsd.network/media/3Vxm8NGJWba_

Cool beans! I'll be giving a full day tutorial on " for non-experts" at .

Tutorial days are June 6/7 2018 in Ottawa Canada.

I'd love to see you there!

I am going to need to do some sort of victory lap. My talk for #BSDCan 2018 was accepted!

Oh, the talk name?

Making your own console server using OpenBSD

*does a happy dance*

My talk "Fighting Spam at the Frontline" was accepted for @BSDCan. I'll be talking about strategies and tools (including one of my own) to fight spam at the mx. See you in ! bsdcan.org/2018/

How MS run SQL Server on Linux:

Drawbridge was a research project that launched back in 2011 which basically provided a container with a small API surface and a basic version of Windows configured to efficiently run the application in the container.


@akpoff They even accept patches! Kermit does SSL with LibreSSL :D

In all seriousness, it's awesome that Columbia keep all the old Kermit pages up. columbia.edu/kermit/

And then there was that time when one of my colleagues decided to write his own CSV parser. Didn't see him much for weeks, except when he'd emerge to announce he had just one more edge case to fix. :D

"Le plus gros leak de l'histoire" : une section cruciale du code source d'iOS a été diffusée sur Internet
Le code source d'iBoot, l'un des programmes iOS les plus importants, a été diffusé anonymement sur Github.

My employer upgraded our HR site, and for *reasons* can't/won't transfer our credentials.
To get new credentials we're supposed to email support with:
- Full Name,
- Last 4 of SSN,
- Month & Day of birth,
- Address and phone number.
What could possibly go wrong? o_0

Hi folks. Got the Pale Moon browser up and running on . An interesting Firefox fork. bsd.network/media/qR6iz6nxZ5kR

From KIRO Radio, by way of @shirkdog on birdsite.

Last night we captured surveillance footage of a vandal trying to break in to one of our employee's vehicles in our parking lot. While the suspect is still at large, we took the liberty to have John Curley give his play-by-play of the incident.


Coins for Nothing

I want my btc

Now look at them yo-yo's, that's the way you do it
You crunch the digits for the btc
That's ain't workin', that's the way you do it
Coins for nothin', and your bits for free