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I bought RedHat 5.2 from a bin at MicroCenter after reading about "dual booting" while using the school internet connection.

Try as I might, I was only greeted with an unmoving X and no accessible documentation.

So I returned it for "The Complete FreeBSD" that had three CDs and *all* the documentation printed out.

I ran FreeBSD until the 5.x days, then switched to OpenBSD full time.

I am begrudgingly using Linux now because containers are eating everything, and I need to eat too.

Trying PSP homebrew inside PPSSPP under
OpenBOR is amazing, and by downloading the PAK set, you'll get zillions of beat'em ups.

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BLOCK 👏🏻 ALL 👏🏻 THE… oh wait I did this before

No site is “safe” to run ads on. Use uBlock Origin.

(I also use 1Blocker on iOS, though I’ve heard Firefox Focus is good too.)

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I want to make one thing very clear regarding #fosdem2018 #fosdem

A conference on freedom-and-human-rights-respecting technology should not have a titan of #SurveillanceCapitalism like Google as sponsor. The good people in our community shouldn’t have to choose between having a platform to meet up at and having their legitimacy usurped by association to whitewash such companies. I’m attending under protest to meet and chat to some lovely members of the community.

Google doesn’t belong there.