One of my former students
"Because of your classes, I started loving computers and programming, that's the best gift you've given to me, otherwise I don't know what I'd be doing now"

I feel flattered.

me: okay I'll buy a macbook, it's a Unix system with nice hardware.
also me: installed with ZFS on MBP.

here's the thing people: if you ever say AGAIN that the BSDs don't work properly on laptops, I'll be having an "argument"! :P

doesn't work: WiFI :(
works: ZFS on Root on a partition, EFI boot, touchpad, graphics, backlight, all kind of ports, audio, suspend/resume.

So, the plan is to install FreeBSD desktop on a VM, to show people that you CAN have a beautiful Unix desktop :)

I wanted to show on real hardware, but I'm using my FreeBSD laptop as a server for development :P

whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, there’s software fucking it up

Basically, I moved most of third-party services that are not Apple-related to self-hosting.
I moved from Feedly to FreshRSS in a Jail. From Github to self-hosted git at home. From GSuite to a home mail server running OpenSMTPd for all my domains except one.
I do use iCloud Notes, Reminders, Calendar and Storage, but I'm actually happy with it.

One of my favorite things is Mastodon is ${your_instence_url}/share
It's really helpful if you do microblogging a lot :)

any blogs (ideally with RSS) what you guys and gals recommend?

topics: BSD, Unix, Tech, Politics, Programming, etc.

After hours of suffering I was able to get FreshRSS up and running :)

Although I spent most of my time trying to configure NAT with ipfw, in the end I couldn't make it work with my config, so I went with firewall_type=open for now.

I'll practice a bit in my VM then I'll come back to my prod later.

it's 5:03AM, I should go home now :D

Then he was asking me if I had a windows machine in my house. I said no, he said if I had a Linux machine with Network Manager, I said no.

At the end I sent him the tcpdump output (not the pcap file, just the text output), so he opened a ticket "gateway not responding".


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- Okay, can you please disable and enable back the adapter?
- Pardon?
- Click on the adapter's icon...
- I'm running Unix.
- Can you please type "ifconfig eth0 down" ?
- Oh no this is a BSD Unix, yes I restarted the network.
/me thinking, those guys never met enp13s42 yet


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- What DNS resolver are you using?
- I run a local DNS resolver.
- Can you please set the one provided with our document?
- But... the issue is... I don't get ARP responses from the gateway...


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- Can you please change the cable?
- SIr, I did my homework before calling.
- Okay but can yo...
- Yes! I changed the cable, I even connected to my own router and I was able to get an address using DHCP, so not the cable nor the "adapter" are an issue.


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Every time I call my ISP support, I wish this was a real thing.


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