And freshly install log of /luna88k on original LUNA-88K. Can you find the difference from LUNA-88K2?

Ok, I find deraadt's mail that includes correct upgrade process. Maybe I have to make an intermediate step kernel...

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I updated /luna88k kernel from 6.6 to -current, then I got following message during boot. I think this is caused by "syscall validation" that is recently added on -current. Do I need some fix for luna88k?
[getcap]31010/198188 pc=1141f7d4 inside 14e6e000-14e7a000: bogus syscall
[id]13249/90877 pc=195d97d4 inside 13f57000-13f63000: bogus syscall
[grep]36346/509026 pc=1164d7d4 inside 1e4a0000-1e4ac000: bogus syscall

[Good news] 6.6-beta base system "make build" and "make release" successfully finished on luna88k:-)

I have updated the patch. Recent nanotodon does not need any modification in c source.
Suggested by @tsutsuii , thank you!

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Here comes  6.6-beta!
% dmesg | grep GENERIC
OpenBSD 6.6-beta (GENERIC.MP) #2: Tue Aug 13 15:33:03 JST 2019

Several people asked to me about English information of nanotodon, so I wrote a brief installation/start memo on .
Enjoy, terminal lovers!

Heavy load while doing "real" tar (write to physical tape) on luna88k :-)

Here are Nagoya *BSD Users' Group & Japan NetBSD Users' Group booth photos at OSC 2019 Nagoya held on July 13, 2019.
Several machines (RaspberryPi3, Pinebook, ...), on RaspberryPi3 and my /luna88k do live demo.

I have got RUN BSD & stickers at OSC nagoya!

/luna88k on LUNA-88K2 live demo at OSC 2019 Nagoya. nanotodon is working well!

Hello, a toot from nanotodon running /luna88k at OSC 2019 Nagoya NBUG booth.

Text-based Mastodon client nanotodon is working on /luna88k monochrome X server. Brand-new service, old screen:-)

Test toot again from nanotodonnewer nanotodon running on /luna88k.

I will do /luna88k live demo on July 13 at Nagoya *BSD Users' Group booth in OSC 2019 Nagoya, Japan.
Old machine lovers, do not miss it:-)

While building kernel, it takes more than 5 minutes to ctfconv(1) on my vintage machine. (/luna88k)

A Japanese toot test from /luna88k.

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