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Brian Robert Callahan

Someone told me today that I should write poetry.

I haven't had anything useful to say here in a while. This message is also not useful.

I got my with an old Win98 laptop. Wanted to upgrade the OS to WinXP. There was no sound driver on XP. Tried many Linuxes. Either the wifi would work or the sound would work but never both. Found and everything worked. Moved to when I got a loongson laptop. Then started fixing ports like WebKit and mozjs to work on the loongson. The rest is history.

Everyone mark your calendars this day. For on this day, I was basically on time for my office hours for the first time all semester.

The inital version of the AsiaBSDCon 2018 conference program has been posted: - see you in Tokyo in a few weeks!

From T:
"Here’s a question for you... If you could step away from your job for three months, and with that time your goal was to use your tech skills to help improve as many people lives as possible...what would you do?"

What would you answer be?

SSH Mastery, 2nd edition, now on my bookstore, Gumroad, and... Amazon US!

@mulander Fun watching at last one new account get created on, that only follows the administrators, and its only actions are to berate you about Pale Moon. 😀

5-8 inches of snow today. I give up. Going back to bed...

Hi folks. Got the Pale Moon browser up and running on . An interesting Firefox fork.

I've now posted this to ports@. Go and play!

Hey gamers here's a new one for ya: OpenFodder, an open source reimplementation of Cannon Fodder. Needs some bug fixing with upstream before it can go in but it's on if you wanna get ready.

I'm making myself a mixtape in 2018 and I gotta say it is so much fun.