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cynicalsecurity @cynicalsecurity

On my way to RealWorldCrypto 2018 in Zurich, actually not to the conference as I don't have a ticket but only to have lunch with friends… I am also streaming the youtube channel on loudspeakers on the train to protest two assholes shouting down their mobile phone.

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@cynicalsecurity Any chance you will pass through Rapperswil?

@Kensan going back to the other side of the Sarine mid-afternoon, sorry :(

@cynicalsecurity Maybe next time. Have nice trip across the Rösti graben ;)

@Kensan so, I inevitably left RWC late… finally on a train home.

I really should stop the fantasy that I can somehow get to a conference and leave in the space of one hour without being pulled into fascinating conversations.

@cynicalsecurity Maybe you should attend a really boring conference next time ;)

Actually feel stupid I did not sign up for RWC but was not sure if I was going to be here. But now that I was: 30 min train ride would have been well worth it. Oh well, c’est la vie.