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cynicalsecurity @cynicalsecurity

This instance needs a special "embargoed" tag which goes beyond the "content warning" and locks the content until the end of the embargo.

Let's be the first with "responsible tooting".

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@cynicalsecurity openbsd doesn't believe embargoes are healthy, so that's a WONTFIX :)

@cynicalsecurity that would require other admins that potentially federate those toots to implement the same changes under an NDA or we would not be able to federate with them ;)

@mulander @cynicalsecurity mastodon is under AGPL, so said code would need to be open-sourced anyway, therefore wouldn't an NDA be rather useless?

@slipstream @mulander we are responsibly disclosing that the code will be under NDA and therefore subject to a 90-day implementation delay.

@djsundog @cynicalsecurity @slipstream I'm sorry but you're instance is too small, we can't take the risk of the embargo being broken for the sake of 4 accounts on your node.