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cynicalsecurity @cynicalsecurity

@lattera … I have been meaning to ask two things about HardenedBSD:

* what, if anything, does not run on HardenedBSD compared to FreeBSD?
* I seem to recall you mentioning you were working on ARM64 or am I crossing wires with another FreeBSD user?

I have two FreeBSD byve VM systems which I would like to migrate to HardenedBSD…

@cynicalsecurity Everything should run. However, if you need 32-bit compat on 64-bit, you need a custom world and kernel as we've disabled 32-bit compat by default. If you need to run linux binaries, you also need to disable ASLR for those binaries. FreeBSD's VDSO code for the linux compat layer is not compatible with ASLR.

@lattera OK, none of that applies :) Brilliant. I guess it needs to be a fresh install does it not? No way to freebsd-update into HardenedBSD?