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I'm getting very tired of not being able to sleep on Sunday nights. Something will have to change.

ssh old-device
No matching key exchange method
No matching host key type
No matchig cipher

Maybe I should stop using this device...

I should have kept the promise I made to myself about never buying a laptop without an rj45 port. Where did that adapter go?

I slept through my alarm yesterday, so of course my brain gets me up 3 hours early today.

Awesome, I remember that acronym I was trying to remember an hour ago!

Then she managed to color her blonde hair green with a marker.

I was delighted at how proud and overjoyed she was when she saw her name at the top of the story.

My daughter re-imagined the 3 little pigs as the 3 little herbivores. We typed it up, printed it off, and now she's drawing some pictures to go with it.

Finally got to play with my esp8266 nodemcu thing. It was fun. My daughter got a kick out of pushing the flash button to make the output change.

I was going to watch the last few episodes of star wars rebels, but instead I'm drinking rum and making my wife listen to my favorite creepypasta readings.

I can show you how to time travel

I've been wanting to play final fantasy xii for weeks. Not once did it occur to me that it might not be with the rest of my games.

I should update my firewall this weekend.

I expected installing the ActiveDirectory powershell module would be easy. Boy was I wrong.

Spent way too much time looking at python today. Tomorrow will be better

Meetings that last longer than 1 hour are a bad idea. Especially if they're scheduled for lunch time (and do not provide lunch)

Simple tools for simple problems. Perl to the rescue!

I'm sure this isn't a new idea, but I wonder if it's ever had any success: feature sponsors. I guess it's kind of a threat "step up and maintain/develop this, or I remove it." Sounds worse the more I think about it.