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Also a little bit of #D4V with #FreeDOOM while I listen to music and have #coffee before quitting time. This is on the #FreeBSD laptop here at work. 😁 #playonbsd

There's a new zine out called PagedOut - it sort of reminds me of POC||STFU in the best way possible, in that it gets right to the fucking point.

Here's the first issue in pdf form: pagedout.institute/download/Pa

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Stupid CLI tricks 

Also, I'm trying to get into the habit of self-hosting content that I upload elsewhere too..
We'll see how that goes.

Went to have bøfsandwich with a friend today - it was his first time, but it was also his last time, as he'll be living with British cuisine from now on.
It was quite good, though:

There's a for the recent FFS issue, written by Frederico Bento, demonstrated over on the birb site: twitter.com/uid1000/status/114

If once is coincidence, twice is tradition, is the third time having smørrebrød on a friday after work a religion?

"Automatic Exploitation of Fully Randomized Executable" at dspace.mit.edu/bitstream/handl is an interesting read.

@akpoff Thanks for a great talk at BSDCan with some good anecdotes, a good pronounciation of Mærsk, and a few ideas for my own road-warrior setup. I do have a question though:
If you go through border patrol a lot and they ask to search your computer, can't you have Windows on a secondary disk in the machine that you switch to be the boot-disk in the firmware, while traveling over international waters (no crimes can happen there, so it isn't illegal :P)?

I just realized, because I cleaned (and painted+renovated) my place, I now can't find the clips I need to flash coreboot onto my T420 with an RPI (internal flashing doesn't work according to the flashrom website). :(

The surprising thing about an 8S server is that it can be had for LESS than half a million USD: 0x0.st/zjoo.pdf

New mission: Make my T420 into Theseus' ThinkPad by having enough parts to keep repairing it forever!

Smørrebrød after work on fridays seems like a good tradition to have, and since I'm getting it for the second week, I'll make it into one.

Building kodi-devel 18.2 (and later kodi-addon-pvr-hts) to run on in cage, which is a kiosk Wayland composer.
It's the very last thing I need to get running, and then my HTPC will be using :)

Homemade three-layer sandwich with: bread, mayo, salad, sliced salami, cheese, cucumber, mustard, bread, BBQ-sauce, cucumber, cheese, sliced turkey, salad, miraclewhip, and bread.

Stumbled across a very interesting thing in the inks rss feed of @tedu - an article covering how to work with nested tmux sessions (something I found myself doing all too often, despite the fact that I know the pitfalls of it). I'll be trying out these things to see if it makes life better:

@CyReVolt I feel like CloudABI is probably the most interesting of all technologies in FreeBSD that isn't getting as much attention as it deserves (ptnet being a close second) - it kinda fixes the issue of not needing to care about what OS you're running your software on, as I understand it.

It's a pity pot doesn't support ipfw, because I much prefer it to pf.

Huh. I just discovered that Mastodon has a "delete and re-draft feature".

That's very very useful when you notice a mistake in a toot you just made, and want to correct it.

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