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florian @florian@bsd.network

East St. Café and Bar, Nelson NZ. It was as good as it looks.


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Someone implemented RFC8305 Happy Eyeballs for OpenSSH.
Nice, that's definatly something that will be useful to me. I hope it gets accepted.

Blink Micro Café, Nelson, NZ.
Might align with @hannesm 's interests.
"Blink Coffee Bar - a little place - in the middle of NZ - near the center of town - at the bottom - of the earth"

It's just a hole in the wall.


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uh oh hacked too long, will miss parts of bobkonf. luckily I give the last talk at 17:25 :) bobkonf.de #firstworldproblems

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Apparently the kiwi national hero: Get Off My Lawn Man

Whee, I'll come to Ottawa in June to talk about slaacd(8) and how pledge(2) helped to write it.

Dude... Some people think climate change is a hoax. Other people have an actual minister in their government dedicated to the topic! en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minist

Sandflies are committing revolutionary suicide in my red wine.

@benno joined the hosting company I was working at and brought firewalls with him. Some time later I discovered that pflow(4) could only handle IPv4 flows. The rest is cvs blame...