lmao google as the sole handler for personal data in the US as the main screening tool for covid-19 testing... this is fine

aw man, now the NHL season is likely going to be cancelled as well. C'mon Nintendo... release animal crossing early, so we have something to do while stuck at home for the next month

well this is terrifying. stay safe out there folks

Super happy I've been able to take a break from work. Super frustrating when work prevents you from learning new things, or taking up side-projects. At least I get a 2-week period for decompression before the crazy starts up again.

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I have posted a first patch on the long road towards adding support for new Intel wifi devices to the driver.


Please help out by running the diff and letting me know whether or not it breaks anything :flan_hacker:

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websites please stop blasting my eyes with your bright white backgrounds while all of my other backgrounds are #000 and there are no lights other than the moon and my laptop screen set to 1/851 brightness
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Christ my team uses a docker container to...contain some static files that it then copies out of the container

They package a whole dang Alpine system for what could just be a god damn tarball

I haven't had any time to do anything BSD related in months.... :/

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Pinkie: What're we doing today, Brain?

Brain: Same thing we do every day, Pinkie. Teaching the junior devs how to find the answers to their questions rather than functioning as their personal fact oracle.

Fully moved, just more unpacking to do... Phew, moving states is a big ordeal

Building world, also known as:
compiling LLVM for hours.

I absolutely love this laptop, but it's currently sitting at 90C during a world build, and that's.... not the best.

second time today laptop display went full-dark requiring several hard resets to bring it back :flan_think:
Only hint is a small line in dmesg:
[drm] *ERROR* failed to enable link training

Got to meet @kurtm at BSDCan and got some badass flan stickers :flan_hacker::flan_thumbs:

so far, the _only_ downside to BSDCan is that I'm missing the WoW Classic open beta

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