@eggix hi I saw the PR – I've been at a conference but I'm making some time this week to port all my modules to 1.0

@brynet I looked at the Firefox sandboxing code when I PoC'd getting VCVRack sandboxed. The (MacOS) code was easy enough to comprehend that I could see porting pledge/unveil over very easily. The Windows and Linux implementations of the abstraction were… not good.

@irl @stsp oh hi this looks very much of interest to me! I've been messing around with AX.25 on lora rnode dongles, but my primary network gateway is an openbsd machine peered to the nycmesh.net community network.

@oz does quitting the container block while there's still open connections? I'd have some containers behave differently with signals and open connections github.com/ory/dockertest/pull

is there a system for keeping track of what personal tools and packages (npm, go get, brew, pkg_add, apt, etc.) you have installed across different environments and operating systems?

How the heck does anyone keep all this crap in their pockets

Hi, what's the best way to learn to write a port for openbsd and get it included?

What do people use for mouse and keyboard sharing between mac and unix? Synergy seems bad

Decided on just using my spare thinkpad x201 time to upgrade from openbsd 6.4 to 6.5 anyway

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@sir aw that’s too bad - I was sort of kicking around getting a few for playing around with cluster type stuff

‪In the market for a cheapo single board computer for my work desk to run Xorg. Accelerated video & WiFi would be nice. OpenBSD support preferred. RockPro64? Intel NUC?

any sufficiently advanced dependency injection system is indistinguishable from Prolog

@ennolenze@mastodon.social where is this?

I'm considering moving my ssh keys to my yubikey github.com/drduh/YubiKey-Guide – the only annoying thing is that it doesn't support anything other than 2048 bit RSA.

Does anyone know of a static site generator with support for podcasting?

Actually debugging output from a Java program running in a Linux container 

@dch I'd also be interested in what the block size distribution is (via zdb?) – the ZFS prefetcher doesn't like blocks larger than 1MB iirc (without sysctl tuning). There's probably also an option to increase the number of per file prefetch streams and the number of per zpool async read workers

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