acme support has landed in kore master. looking for anyone who wants to test it, poke me!

kore+acme is happening. fully privsepped on all platforms. kore4 is going to be awesome.

Come work in our application team. You'll be hacking on administration tools for our Firewall and VPN devices.

Can't wait to take my one year old guy to Gozo in July to meet his grandparents again. Vacation is going to be nice ..

If you taken an open source project and retcon it into your own work by removing the original license and sed replace the project name with your own... you’re the asshole.

Joris Vink boosted - this is happening. Not sure when I will done for an initial release but its god damn happening.

2019 is going to be funky.

@apfohl kore 3.2.2 is out - if you have time could you update homebrew recipe?

Joris Vink boosted now supports connecting to rsync:// hosts! In related news, it seems that many rsync:// servers on OpenBSD's mirror list don't support MD5 checksumming (--checksum-choice=md5). That was about two hours of "why is it closing the connection" work to deduce. Sigh.

Happy to announce ComaWM 1.0 - - my small x11 window manager made just for me.

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openrsync is a clean-room implementation of rsync with a BSD (ISC) license. It is designed to be compatible with a modern rsync.

who knew hacking your own wm was so much fun.

been living inside of it for days now and pretty happy with the state of it.

Maybe time for an actual release?

Today i learned about Caddy. A web server that collects telemetry from YOUR machines. I strongly urge people to avoid this piece of god aweful crap.

Long live acme-client.

Thanks for giving us a sensible and properly written option for using letsencrypt @kristapsdz

Hiring / C developer jobs / not rust. 

Nov 13 12:26:56 mooncake tls-proxy[81633]: [keymgr]: (re)loading certificates and keys

gotta love letsencrypt and kore's key manager process its ability to reload those on the go. :flan_squee:

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