So I'm working on a special API for sensitive data. If alloced with the special function, calling free() will actively wipe or unmap() the allocation. The relevant pages will also be excluded from coredumps (need kernel support for that...).


@otto This sounds like a really interesting idea. Definitely sounds like the next step in terms of OpenBSD memory handling.

@otto So part of this idea is in the new MAP_CONCEAL. None of the wiping stuff but it gets kept out of core dumps.

@kurtm wiping is done when a page is unmapped. That's already the case. The userland malloc part will take care of setting the conceal flag on pages allocated by the special function. Small allocations (that share a page) will be wiped on free, large allocations will be unmapped on free. Reallocate of a special allocation will retain its special status.

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