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If anyone needs or wants to get a hold of me, I have a burner phone with installed. It sits behind my network. Feel free to contact me at any time over Signal.

+1 443-546-8752

My demo code can now cross-infect processes. Meaning:

1. Infect a process
2. Send infected process a special string
3. Infected process now infects another process

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I think I remember it was 2000 when a friend of mine (chdam, where are you?!) and me wasted a night with a GNU/linux update and library version hell (Mandrake, IIRC).
We decided it was time to try something different. Windows already had us during the 90's. MacOS was a DTP/Graphics thing back then.
Fortunately my friend knew of the BSDs. FreeBSD and OpenBSD were the first ones we wanted to try. He picked FreeBSD and I got OpenBSD to test. Stuck with it since then.

Testing switching from Mod1 (Alt) to Mod4 (Windows key) in i3wm. This is going to be a rough transition after years of using Mod1.

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The Gibsons: @thegibson @Doomed_Daniel because I still wait for a rocket launcher showdown (hint, tomorrow).

@pertho for hosting the servers and @yogthos for jumping in with Open Arena hosting.

@Kensan because I never fragged someone running Quake on a separation kernel.

@lattera for jumping out of TOR to frag.

@thfr for porting amazing games to

@canadianbryan for πŸ• and to convince him to toot more and tweet less :)

Today's goal: Migrate my VM server at work to a new, larger hard drive.

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Why is it important that have a Code of Conduct? It proactively says "this crap is unacceptable," unlike some other OSs.

No, devs can't control community activity. But they can declare a stand.

This isn't a 'blooper,' like walking into a door or misspeaking. It's deliberately thought out. It got cut. The showrunner still thought worth sharing.

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My #bsdstart was on an old P2 computer with Dual NICs to replace another computer with IPCop (which suffered performance issues over time).

I'll never forget how after just reading the Man pages, FAQ and PF FAQ to configure everything and then swapping out the systems, it "just worked". Okay so FTP didn't work but 5 minutes later after finding that information in the FAQ, FTP also worked!

I'm not THAT SMART which means that OpenBSD and its documentation is just THAT GOOD.

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@mhj Depends on the situation really, I use , , , and every day, for various purposes.
I love the performance work done by and it's my daily driver, is great for security so it manages most internet-facing servers, as is which manages my firewalls, proxies, and other networking devices. is great when none of the others will fit a given need and I don't want to use Linux

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my was installing NetBSD on a friend's dreamcast πŸ˜‚ i had no idea what it was or how it worked and we quickly stopped after it booted...

coming from the linux world (first contact was mandrake in school) i set up my first FreeBSD installation on an old pc i had at home in 2005 i think. used it as a fileserver forever until i finally moved to OpenBSD with 5.3 in the summer of 2013 and added DNS and DHCP πŸ˜€

If you're in the greater Baltimore area, I'll be giving my "Writing " presentation at @charmbugbsd on the 29th of March. I'm looking for feedback on it before I present at .

Today, I'd like to thank @phessler for creating and maintaining the instance.

The characters in the show Travelers have no concept of OPSEC.

I'm going to do a trial run of my "Writing " presentation at the Unallocated Space minicon on the 31st of March. If you're in the greater Baltimore area, please come and give me feedback.

My "Writing Malware" live demo for will by far be the most complex live demo I've ever done. I will definitely need to sacrifice something to the demo gods.

I just tested the demo out and it's working flawlessly in a lab setting.

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My #bsdstart was in the early 2000s, when I was looking for something lightweight and portable for a very limited box. So I installed #NetBSD, because it was said to run even on toasters. It did.

Played with #FreeBSD, #OpenBSD, and #DragonFlyBSD too at various points in the past, but none of them left a lasting mark. Only NetBSD did, for which I have a soft spot still, even though I do not use BSDs anymore (except when testing keyboard firmware, that is).

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My #bsdstart was installing NetBSD on an old Cyrix 5x86 machine around 2000/2001. Shortly after I set up a FreeBSD machine to share the dial up Internet in my parents house between my computer and my Dad’s one. I also used the Linux emulation to run an AudioGalaxy client on it.