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Alright I'm trying out Acme from today, I'll be using it as the command line terminal for work stuff .

I'll still be using Neovim to edit files though.

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Speaking of root passwords, I once got a call from Microsoft:

MS: "Hey, Sean, we heard you might know how to break into Windows 2000 machines without the password."

Me: "Umm..."

MS: "We lost the administrator password to some of our machines. If you can change it for us, we won't ask how."

Me: "I'll see what I can do."

When Microsoft locked themselves out of their own operating system, they called the Linux guy to get them back in. (I used SystemRescueCD.)

Tried a really small editor tutorial today


But I'll try it again after my nap.

This message is brought to you by OpenBSD-current and firefox-nightly

Today smells like an upgrading to -current day.

Well bummer, the new work computer has a pretty serious defect.

There's a slight bump at the bottom of the screen that causes the screen to go haywire and sometimes crashes the computer whenever I touch it.

Anybody have an idea why I'd be seeing doas(1) error out with pam_authenticate: conversation failure when running it on a fresh install of release ?

The xconsole also reports in prompt_echo_off(): tcgetattr(): Bad file descriptor.

And apparently I just wrote highly twice without noticing it.

Absolute OpenBSD by @mwlucas

A highly informative and entertaining read on systems administration in

I highly recommend it.

And as always with a bsd, the handbook is on point.

installed without a hitch, that installer is a beaut. I chose a HAMMER filesystem, as I wasnt sure how stable HAMMER2 is yet for everyday use.

I'm very happy to report that installation across all bsd's is very simple. Much more sane than whatever cluster* seems to happen when installing some linuxes.

Now first decision, release or snapshot? And how easy is it to switch from a release install over to a snapshot when I feel more confortable with the system?

Alright new work computer just came in, I'm going to try on it.

It's a x1 carbon, so if anybody has notes they'd like to share, now's the time.

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If any of y'all are going to this year (btw, I recommend you do) and plan on flying to Ottawa, Air Canada is having a seat sale right now.

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@mathuin Eh, that's just the life. Nobody died.

That time.

That... was gut wrenching.

Now where is @mwlucas and can I give him a hug?

Imagine a world where software starts at version 100 and every revision is one number lower, if you cant get it right by number 0 you're done

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My least favorite phone call ritual is the double or even triple layers of "hello" and goodbye"

(Phone rings)

>Hello, this is me speaking
<Hey, this is the caller
>Hey caller
<Hey you
<So I'm calling about…

(Conversation ends)

<Alright that's all I got
>Same for me
<See ya
>See ya


"BY STROUSTRUP’S BEARD" is an oath I'll be finding a use for I think.