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@mulander the Pale Moon Cartel will break your kneecaps if you 'misuse' their O F F I C I A L B R A N D I N G

@Cybertrash @mulander They are not wrong though... he just pointed out, correctly, that it is a violation. Perhaps a bit precipitously but why should he wait? He didn't use any foul language. He was direct.

I think Ibra was the one who had a bad day... Respecting licenses is important. Everyone in FOSS knows this. It is bad when a non-foss project misuse this.. but a foss-project like openBSD should know better. Instead of just acknowledging the issue he demanded to talk to the IP owner...

@shellkr @Cybertrash please read my comment on the github issue.

Ibra approached them 2 days before this whole thing on github popped up. Asking on how to cooperate & coordinate. Not a single copy of pale moon was distributed, that repo is a draft in progress of a port. They jumped the gun.

@mulander @Cybertrash I did.. but consider it a bit beside the point. Unless mattatobin participated or knew about that forum conversation. Do you know if he did?

I think Ibara sidestepped a bit there.. He could have mentioned the post on their forum e.t.c.. instead of just demanding to talk to the IP-holder.

It is sad to see it went the way it did.

New Tobin Paradigm @mattatobin

@shellkr @mulander @Cybertrash I actually didn't see the thread on the forum until later. I hadn't been reading every thread/post for the past week or so because I had been very busy.

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