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mulander @mulander

Remember to glue your eyeballs to the rocket-launcher for tomorrows event at 20:00 UTC - join -gaming on Freenode for event coordination.

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The above image has been sourced from this amazing article about the character -

@mulander Once Quake goes on sale again, I'll get it and join in on these events! Should have gotten it during winter sale... :/

@thfr @mulander The version of Quake2 I got from had to be installed on a windows box first before I could get the data files.. FYI. They used their own installer.

@polishdub @mulander Sounds like maybe the innoextract port could have saved you that step...

@polishdub @thfr @mulander That s right for couple of other games it s the same.

@devnexen @thfr @mulander Holy crap how did I miss that! *facepalm*