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mulander @mulander

Bye bye on . Google finally pulled the plug on the ticket.

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@phessler yeah, I actually appreciate that they decided to close it down. I actually suggested just that on May 9, 2016 in the ticket.

@mulander ugh, what a mess, thanks for your effort even if it was wasted 🙁

@mulander your offer to self-host forced them to admit it was never meant to be.

Exemplary effort, thank you.

@mulander What s (was ?) the benefit of Dart compared to other similar languages ?

@devnexen the ticket is quite old, so mind you not so many options were available.

It had very nice tooling (chrome dev tools were not comparable to what you had from eclipse), nice type system, nicer syntax, good performance. It was a fairly nice language giving me a strong 'smalltalk' vibe.

@devnexen also the plan back then was to make it a first class vm in Chrome (which never happened and never will).