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mulander @mulander

Remove microphone, camera, gps module, install PGP and sell of to drug cartels... I can't believe anyone involved in organized crime would use a phone with a blackbox baseband. All those countermeasures won't help if you have a black box with direct RAM access to the device.

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@mulander That article doesn't have any evidence that anyone in organized crime uses that phone; just law enforcement pretending to be criminals.

@seanl yep, there is a pass through mention of a Sinaloa member but that might be false or even if true - just something a low ranking member could do on his own.

@mulander wtf...
So now modifying phones to remove spyware is a crime?

@Wolf480pl hard to tell without actual proof. They are prosecuted after an alleged provocation by the authorities posing as drug dealers.

@mulander yeah, not enough details to tell. Either they said something like "yeah this product is designed for drug dealers", in which case they're stupid, or they didn't, in which case the govt could as well have made a provocation at a bakery and sue the bakery for selling bread to drug dealsers.