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You idiot, you are spamming me. You can't even find a contact form on a public site and instead send a template email to any address you find there...

Half Life 1 (xash3d) on OpenBSD via Ryan on -gaming @ freenode

This Saturday 2018-02-24 20:00 UTC the rockets will go faster, the bodies will pile up higher. We will be shedding frags in - make room in your calendars & come join us on (-gaming @ freenode for coordination).


20:00 UTC

Join us tonight for a fragging session in with the lithium mod

Forced to work in an open space office? This 1925 invention was ahead of it's time..

Thanks git....

@Wolf480pl so, you were saying everything is recoverable without a fresh clone, I'm willing to give it a shot :)

Dust of your railgun, practice your strafes - it's that time of week again! We will be playing today at 20:00 UTC with a new mod, can you guess which one?

For coordination join -gaming @ freenode or just jump in to the game at 20:00 UTC on

Remember to glue your eyeballs to the rocket-launcher for tomorrows event at 20:00 UTC - join -gaming on Freenode for event coordination.

StackOverflow considered harmful, they should consider buying as a fallback service name.

Be sure to apply WD-40 and appropriate amounts of polish to your rocket launcher before 2018-01-20 20:00 UTC.

We are playing Quake 3 and you are invited, make room in your calendar.

join: -gaming on Freenode for event coordination

OMG, @thfr was not kidding - you can play FTL (Faster Than Light) on

This is why social issue tracking is useless. Mailing lists for life \o/