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Michael W Lucas @mwlucas

SSH Mastery, 2nd edition, now available! tiltedwindmillpress.com/?produ

Ebook will appear on Amazon, Kobo, etc, soon. SOON. Physical books take longer, sorry.

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@maiki mobi, epub, pdf.

all with double-rot13 DRM, for your protection. ;-)

@mwlucas First I was like, what, what does that mean, is it some kind of nerd DRM thing?!

But then I remembered how ROT13 works, and now I see how clever you are! ^_^

You ought to put those formats and (less jokey) DRM statements on that site. I will point some folks that way!

@maiki Look at the front page of tiltedwindmillpress.com for my company's official short-and-sweet DRM statement.

@mwlucas @cstanhope I do or have done all those things, but I have no idea what that last thing is about a cert authority. I'm small time and probably don't need it. <time passes> Looked it up. Shared keys across servers is interesting! The other use I'll never have as I never allow passwords and use the allowusers directive.
I like the phrase 'ssh journeyman' :-) mastodon.sdf.org/media/x7ebpyY

@mwlucas What's the difference between editions? Why should I buy the new one?

@skellat SSHv1 is dead. Certificate authorities. Many little tweaks.

Seriously, if you have the first edition and kept up, you probably don't need .

@skellat And seriously, anyone with UUCP & fidonet in their bio probably learned all this loooong ago. 😉