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This Saturday 2018-02-24 20:00 UTC the rockets will go faster, the bodies will pile up higher. We will be shedding frags in - make room in your calendars & come join us on q.pertho.net (-gaming @ freenode for coordination).


"The Longest Journey into the Dreamfall" nemessica.tintagel.pl/philonot
According to the most fresh Chapters. Personally about my very first, classic, legendary and still such a favorite adventure game saga.

Not rating by Netflix yet - live action seems to follow FMA 2003 early episodes.
Spoiling a bit - nice action scenes and visual effects; well handled drama; Ed is himself, same as Roy and Hughes. Sadly - to me - no Greed and no Black Hayate.

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20:00 UTC

Join us tonight for a fragging session in with the lithium mod bsd.network/media/rUFvB09Zi9Vx

Valentines day is also Book Giving day \o/
Best gift ever, by @mulander of course 💝

🐺 A handful of solid basic knowledge about Coastal Wolves of Vancouver Island, concluded with a reasonable message.

agility dogwalk 🐾 with @mulander 🕶
Park Mountain, almost Bieszczady Mountains

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1.5h dog walk in the snow with @nemessica, the dog is now gnawing on a bone besides my feet and @nemessica is shifting through photos.

A nice start to the day.

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Remember to glue your eyeballs to the rocket-launcher for tomorrows event at 20:00 UTC - join -gaming on Freenode for event coordination. bsd.network/media/U8psxVXCKlUN

@Wolf480pl @pertho @Nihl Thanks a lot, guys!! Now, some resting before the rest of animal studies ;) Anyway, my first holidays after 3 years of learning nonstop ✍️ 📚 🐾 🐺 \o/

🐺 The most dreamed diploma has just arrived 🐾 \o/

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Polish Bieszczady - the place where you can buy the "Wild Bieszczady Mountains" calendar by native photographer, dedicated to Polish wildlife ecosystem, directly in the local bookstore. And a postcard titled the "Land of Wolves". 🐺

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