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☑️ @nemessica

Better late than never👇

IT engineer, currently - animal behaviorist, hopefully future ethologist. Canine science, Canis ecology and zoosemiotics enthusiast.
Privately - book eater, manga lover, NGE oldschool, SnK geek, sentimental SW fan. Besides, programmer's wife, dog owner and wolf education supporter, especially understanding the wolf as an apex predator in its natural environment.
Our Irulan Corrino vel Iria says 'Hello world' o/

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@nemessica saw "dog owner and wolf education supporter" and couldn't help have this picture in mind of you in a normal University or high school lecture hall and rows of wolves and normal doggos of all breeds sat watching you teaching them how to read 😆🎓 🐕 🐺 (probably the effects of drinking cheap German wine before bed 🍷 )

Canis lupus columbianus

They do their wolf thing and I do my thing and no one gets hurt ;-)

There is a bit of moose/deer fall out though.

@nemessica yaay! I love wolves! I'm proud to support the U.K. Wolf Conservation Trust. ukwct.org.uk/

@pertho \o/ We started our 2018 Year with their charity calendar!! bsd.network/media/81bWtyThjYX0