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Polish Bieszczady - the place where you can buy the "Wild Bieszczady Mountains" calendar by native photographer, dedicated to Polish wildlife ecosystem, directly in the local bookstore. And a postcard titled the "Land of Wolves". 🐺

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@nemessica @mulander can I order such a calendar remotely, or do I have to go to Bieszczady in person?

@mulander @nemessica is the whole calendar full of #wolves, or is it different animal for each month?

@Wolf480pl @nemessica the wolf is only on the cover and December, the other months have different animal - @nemessica will drop a link to the photographers page later so you can see what type of photos he makes.

@Wolf480pl @mulander Here's a direct link to his photo galleries, mostly dedicated to Belarus,/Poland fauna and flora - full ecosystem perspective -> carnivores, herbivores, scavengers, predators (mammals and birds). Really love his photography.