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@mulander @nemessica

The one with the sun behind the skinny boy got me.

My central T0tem is a Coyote, and I grew up literally in a forest. I mean as a teenager, I could've easily had the D&D class of ranger.

@thegibson @nemessica

> My central Totem is a Coyote,

What's a "central totem"? Haven't heard anyone use a term like that.

@mulander @nemessica five totems... some moderns translate them as each of the cardinal directions (not where the concept comes from as it predates that designation in my opinion, although I don't for sure know which came first) and a central "main one".

I believe the truth is more red road/black road a totem at each end of each road, and a central that is a "primary" totem.

The primary is you nature, but the other influence you situationally, or at the right time.

@nemessica @mulander I had a huge post on this many months ago... If only there were a good way to search posts on here. :)

north - hawk, east-bear, south - the winged serpent (I think, it has connotations I don't want to know or explore), West - Wolf, center - Coyote.

Basically, a trickster by definition, but the other totems can influence or take over on occassion.

@thegibson @nemessica as the instance admin you have the `psql` search superpower ;)

@mulander @nemessica I am aware, but still caffeinating... give me a minute.

@thegibson @mulander "west - wolf"
Ok, You've got my attention ;>

@nemessica @mulander My Grandfather was Mescalero, and a Coyote as well. he taught this to me, and it is exceedingly hard to find good data on his particular medicine beliefs.

I am applying Black road/Red road to it even though it crosses the boundaries of nations/cultures because it philosophically makes more sense to me.

I am a metis, I can't really claim that I've had a good training in shamanic traditions, BUT I take the teachings I have had to heart.

@thegibson @nemessica wonder what @thegibson would think about your article about the dreamcatcher origins :D

@thegibson @mulander Now, you've got my complete attention.

I'm very into the wolf - same as animal in general - aspect but as an European I'm better in Slavic folklore.

Is the totem theory related to spirit animals?

@thegibson @mulander During the writing of my Dreamcatcher article i found some references like this link spiritanimal.info/wolf-spirit-

@nemessica @mulander The reason I ask is that these things mean different things in Western traditions.

are they gods/ghosts, or are they mental states?


@thegibson @nemessica personally I would describe it as a manifestation of nature. I assume a spirit animal is a representation of traits & behaviors that align with how you walk your life.

@mulander @thegibson I stay suspicious especially finding links not based on any sources which means them can be determined by fiction. That was the reason of my question at all.

@nemessica @mulander understood.

I do not often subscribe to any writing on the matter anymore... it's been so "feel good-ed" over the generations, I can rarely find writings that apply at all.

I may also be too quick to dismiss some of those sources due to cynicism... one thing wrong and I may throw it out and never find the deeper "correctness".

Does that make sense?

I don't like the term "Spirit animal", not because of the standard reasons, just because it's a confusing terminology.

@thegibson @mulander Thanks a LOT!! I'm going to study all of that as soon as possible!

@nemessica @mulander I am a spiritual mutt.

But i'm OK with that.

My magickal/occult/spitual road is a weird one, and honestly I pick and choose what has been of greatest value to me.

I eschew the general dogma of most schools of thought, and hope to transcend, or synthesize knowledge in this way.

@nemessica @mulander

and as far as wolf goes... It is a wholly honest totem. It is it's greatest strength and weakness.

Fear is not really in it's makeup, and that means that there is little reason for falsehoods. It isn't a good judge, but it is pure and strong in it's ability to survive and thrive on it's own terms.

@mulander @nemessica

Much more of my story here.


I dunno that I am an authority on anything, I just know what works pretty well for me.

@thegibson @nemessica @mulander I have the feeling that there is now a partial full text search, which is done on your own toots and the one you favorited. But I am not exactly sure of that.

@mulander @nemessica @thegibson Sidenote: I am alost perplex and curious about that central totem thing.

@arcans @mulander @nemessica I haven't found many references to it to be honest, it was handed to me by oral tradition from my Grandfather.

Then again, In honor of oral tradition (and perhaps Coyote), I have not gone looking much either.

@nemessica @mulander @arcans also, I find that a lot of modern written word on these matters just don't ring true to me... cultural/perceptual taint is everywhere.

@thegibson @arcans @mulander I really hope you'll be able to find the mentioned toot. Oral tradition is very very precious, or maybe even priceless. Fingers crossed.

@nemessica @arcans @mulander I am working on it.

I'm hoping it wasn't before the last meltdown.

@arcans @nemessica @mulander The last time I tried to upgrade hackers.town to that version, I contracted a mild PTSD.

@thegibson @nemessica @mulander
this reminds me of Wilson's take on the Mandala in Christian religious art as a metaphor for the first 4 circuits of consciousness.

@enkiv2 @mulander @nemessica @thegibson
er- not the first 4, the interference pattern between the first 2 rather

@thegibson @mulander @nemessica
Prometheus Rising probably has the best explanation of it. But I might be misremembering and it might actually be in Cosmic Trigger I

@nemessica @mulander I do not find that the corners particularly have a meaning as to when they will influence me, just that they are other aspects to one's nature.

For example I take precious little seriously, but when met with a competitive situation, I believe that the wolf can be engaged and then it will become a locked in battle win or lose.

I usually know when to observe and withold action (hawk).

@thegibson @mulander @nemessica Very cool! I've been reading this thread with interest. I'm really drawn to Wolf as well.

@pertho @mulander @thegibson Nice to meet another wolf essentiality aware wolf lover ^^