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"The Longest Journey into the Dreamfall" nemessica.tintagel.pl/philonot
According to the most fresh Chapters. Personally about my very first, classic, legendary and still such a favorite adventure game saga.

Valentines day is also Book Giving day \o/
Best gift ever, by @mulander of course 💝

🐺 A handful of solid basic knowledge about Coastal Wolves of Vancouver Island, concluded with a reasonable message.

agility dogwalk 🐾 with @mulander 🕶
Park Mountain, almost Bieszczady Mountains

@Wolf480pl @pertho @Nihl Thanks a lot, guys!! Now, some resting before the rest of animal studies ;) Anyway, my first holidays after 3 years of learning nonstop ✍️ 📚 🐾 🐺 \o/

🐺 The most dreamed diploma has just arrived 🐾 \o/

Polish Bieszczady - the place where you can buy the "Wild Bieszczady Mountains" calendar by native photographer, dedicated to Polish wildlife ecosystem, directly in the local bookstore. And a postcard titled the "Land of Wolves". 🐺

Spontaneous gift from @mulander
"loved wife's mug" in Polish stands there.
So proud that he's still finding 💕 🌈 🍬✨ inside 🐾 🐺 👩‍🌾 🙃 💣 <3
Iria so upset that she wasn't allowed to unwrap it ;>

Better late than never👇

IT engineer, currently - animal behaviorist, hopefully future ethologist. Canine science, Canis ecology and zoosemiotics enthusiast.
Privately - book eater, manga lover, NGE oldschool, SnK geek, sentimental SW fan. Besides, programmer's wife, dog owner and wolf education supporter, especially understanding the wolf as an apex predator in its natural environment.
Our Irulan Corrino vel Iria says 'Hello world' o/