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@thegibson @mulander Thanks a LOT!! I'm going to study all of that as soon as possible!

@mulander @thegibson I stay suspicious especially finding links not based on any sources which means them can be determined by fiction. That was the reason of my question at all.

@thegibson @arcans @mulander I really hope you'll be able to find the mentioned toot. Oral tradition is very very precious, or maybe even priceless. Fingers crossed.

@thegibson @mulander During the writing of my Dreamcatcher article i found some references like this link spiritanimal.info/wolf-spirit-

@thegibson @mulander Now, you've got my complete attention.

I'm very into the wolf - same as animal in general - aspect but as an European I'm better in Slavic folklore.

Is the totem theory related to spirit animals?

@thegibson @mulander "west - wolf"
Ok, You've got my attention ;>

@kurtm @mulander @mwlucas In case of non-fiction, narrator is obligatory. To be strict - a skilled professional determines a book's quality.

@mulander Good book creates its own story such a way that it doesn't care about who narrates because its not narrated at all. Are you feeling a narrator in Lovecraft stories for example?

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This Saturday 2018-02-24 20:00 UTC the rockets will go faster, the bodies will pile up higher. We will be shedding frags in - make room in your calendars & come join us on q.pertho.net (-gaming @ freenode for coordination).


"The Longest Journey into the Dreamfall" nemessica.tintagel.pl/philonot
According to the most fresh Chapters. Personally about my very first, classic, legendary and still such a favorite adventure game saga.

@tactavish @kurtm an idea of using behavioral psychology to make someone "appear more human" makes me confused. Ivan Pavlov was a behaviorist ;>

@mulander @bugZ @AFresh1 We're from Poland but still not tried to make paczki myself >_<

@pmosetc @kurtm impossibility dependent on possibilities

@Wolf480pl Even if I'm into the FMA manga and prefer FMA:B anime.

@Wolf480pl Looks like it, with a bit of director's invention, anyway not so bad in general. And with Polish - pretty ok - lector option :)