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Hooray! Today I got working as a network sentry for work. Finally got all the nmap tuning worked out to be both reasonably quick and accurate, and there's plenty of horsepower left over for us to scan our sites and services for vulnerabilities, if the right departments sign off on it.

Whee, I'll come to Ottawa in June to talk about slaacd(8) and how pledge(2) helped to write it.

My talk "Fighting Spam at the Frontline" was accepted for @BSDCan. I'll be talking about strategies and tools (including one of my own) to fight spam at the mx. See you in !

Got my about 2yrs ago, when I started playing with ZFS, found ZoL lacking, and starting bouncing between , , and . Found that they could all do everything I needed my Linux installs to do, and generally do them better in one way or another. Even starting to replace Linux with *BSD at work because of all the awesome features available.

I have a love/hate relationship with designing and implementing solutions at work. On the one hand it's crazy fun, but on the other, it can get pretty draining, making it harder to get side projects done.
At least there's always PTO

Anyone happen to have a link to documentation on setting up withe tables? I was using as a reference, but now it's giving me a 404.

Today I swapped out hiawatha for OpenBSD's httpd(8). I'm really liking the more familiar syntax, and the additional simplicity that it introduces to managing

To whoever was trying to brute force their way into from, thanks for all the extra usernames I can add to the blacklist! Sorry it's taken so long for me to thank you for this information.

I think I'm starting to get to the point where the number of devices I have can no longer be safely run off of surge protectors...
When I can afford to build a house, I'm gonna need to run a lot of power sockets to my datacenter and workshop. Also, live somewhere with cheap power, and get solar panels, maybe live by a river to set up a water wheel

"My other computer is a datacenter" at

And, finally, an (expensive) RISC-V board ready for a port :)

Anyone at FOSDEM can tell me what runs already on it? I cannot afford it but I can drool…

@qrs you got anything on this baby?

We are happy to announce that we are a Bronze level sponsor for 2018!

In addition to ideally running a RISC CPU like MIPS, POWER, or RISC-V, it'd be really nice if my next laptop had a few extra M.2 slots so I can (hopefully) take advantage of some of these cool new projects like an M.2 SDR and FPGA

Porting even a small application written on BSD using BSD Makefiles to Linux using autotools is a major freaking pain.

How do people live with such inferiority?

Got confirmation today that work will reimburse me at least part of the expense of going to , now I just need to get my buddy to tell me if he's going or not so I can get accommodations in order while they're not so ridiculously expensive

IF you're looking for a quick guide on how to create an encrypted disk image, I just posted something on my blog:

I'm really beginning to like structs in C. I really wish I'd been able to get into this sooner, instead of dealing with all that C++ silliness that my instructors went though.
Including, but not limited to: NOT EXPLAINING HOW AWESOME AND FRUSTRATING POINTERS CAN BE! Seriously, they're great, but can be a PITA at times

I should double check to see if Vultr gave me an ipv6 address to use as well as an ipv4 address. Could be nice to start using ip6

It's frustrating trying to test the code I wrote using or on Void, or really any Linux. If it fails to build, odds are I don't have any of the necessary manual pages to actually fix it.
How the heck do people ever write anything useful without having the manpages available?