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@mulander Oh hey look, now the Pale Moon people are accusing me of being people I'm not (for the record, my user name there is ibara). I hadn't heard of Pale Moon back in 2016 when this user account was being created.
But, you know, if I have to be their bogeyman, that's not the worst thing in the world.
But wow, talk about beating a dead horse. Otoh, they don't seem coordinated enough to launch any real harassment campaign, so that's good.

T @pertho

@bcallah @mulander Looks like Pale Moon have locked out anonymous users from viewing the forum now.

@pertho @mulander /me *shrugs*
At this point, if there isn't anything new from them, we should leave it alone. They can't control the narrative on their own forums.
And there's a power imbalance anyway. We're bigger than them, we've been around much longer than them, and we'll be around long after they're gone. Ignoring them is the right thing to do now.
Not in OpenBSD ports, not in pkgsrc, not in Alpine Linux, maybe booted from FreeBSD ports. Seems like the right resolution to me.

@mulander @pertho They clearly don't understand that the problem is behavior and community building. Those things are less important to them than their branding. They're being punished for that stance. And that's OK.
I'd like to see Pale Moon in OpenBSD ports someday. Perhaps they'll learn from their mistakes. Maybe they won't. But it's not up to me to decide.
What's clear right now is they're not capable of being a good upstream. I have hundreds of awesome upstreams I work with. So it's them.