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peter hessler @openbsd

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I have created a account for donations to me. I intend to use any monies to cover my open-source work, and for hosting this instance.

Since donations through the service are anonymous, I don't know if, or how much, people have donated.

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Registrations on are now *open*!

I have pre-reserved the names for the projects, and a few others. If you would like to take control of those, please email the admins so we can ensure the proper people have them.

there's no place like -- -- Hi, noob at keyboard. I like general purpose computing :)

To be honest, I'm super annoyed by accounts that are basically only cross-platform retweeting. If all your mastodon contributions start with "RT …" … what are you doing here? Could you at least post those as follower-only?

Ahh, the fun parts of jet lag, waking up stupidity early.

I really liked it in NZ. Less so here.

vulcan science academy: why do you need another warp core

humans: we’re going to plug two of them together and see if we go twice as fast

vsa: last time we gave you a warp core you threw it into a sun to see if the sun would go twice as fast

humans: hahaha yeah

humans: it did tho


humans: it exploded twice as fast

Awesome read about Meltdown protection, crazy kernel stuff and the collaboration between #Illumos, #DragonFlyBSD and #OpenBSD

there are usually sales and offers during the year, and you can also purchase only a single-team.

On : subscriptions work with HTML5 in Chrome. There is also a port (mlbviewer), but they changed the URL structure so it is currently broken :(. As soon as upstream fixes it, I'll update the port.

Are you a fan? Are you outside of your team's "home area" (including international fans)? is a *really* good deal, imho.

All of Spring Training, all 162 games of the regular season, postseason, both home and away Radio/TV broadcasts. Live and archives. US$116/year. There is some bullshit with blackouts for US-residents, but welcome to sports-watching :/.

I was tired of errors when typing "vmctl show"; so I added an alias. enjoy!

Someone implemented RFC8305 Happy Eyeballs for OpenSSH.
Nice, that's definatly something that will be useful to me. I hope it gets accepted.

I know it's almost impossible, but, maybe, by any chance, you know someone who lives in Ireland (West part) and have a house to rent for a family of 4?

#boost #help

The Gibsons: @thegibson @Doomed_Daniel because I still wait for a rocket launcher showdown (hint, tomorrow).

@pertho for hosting the servers and @yogthos for jumping in with Open Arena hosting.

@Kensan because I never fragged someone running Quake on a separation kernel.

@lattera for jumping out of TOR to frag.

@thfr for porting amazing games to

@canadianbryan for 🍕 and to convince him to toot more and tweet less :)

Yes. I do not believe you can /steal/ scientific or engineering information. It's /there/. /In the World/. The common heritage of all people!

Well. Okay. You could /steal/ it in one way.

You could lock it up and keep it secret and thus /steal/ it from all people.

RT someone sent us something in an envelope so (officially) tiny that Australia Post had to put it inside a bigger envelope, and i really don’t want to break the magic and open it

Why was net neutrality doomed to fail? Paid fast lanes have already proven profitable in airports and amusement parks.