I utterly hate and despise the addiction to video calls that coworkers have. I don't want to bother with you, ever.

"This 4 hour video conference could have been replaced by an email"

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@phessler This, right here, is why I hate working with and for extroverts. They tend to talk too much and say too little, especially if they're in management.

@phessler they just like busy work & putting in hours of (not) work, and actually destroying productivity. especially middle management.

@samtuke @phessler errrr... aka "not being a team player"?I can't afford losing my healthcare right now...

@phessler Howdy Peter... I understand where you are coming from but in human communication nuance, humour .. not everyone can deliver them in writing... it is said about 7% of communication is verbal. the rest body language... tone... probably the awkward silent pauses ,....

@ogmaconnect there is no nuance or humour in this presentation.

it is a touchy-feely waste of time.

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