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Hi, I'm the Admin of this instance.

Registrations are not yet open, but will open soon.

peter hessler @openbsd @phessler

Registrations on are now *open*!

I have pre-reserved the names for the projects, and a few others. If you would like to take control of those, please email the admins so we can ensure the proper people have them.

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@phessler I'm planning to set up my own instance, so I can write #MastoMastery in 2018.

My paranoid voice says "grab before someone spoofs being you!" Also, life might intervene and keep me from doing it.

But that strikes me as a jerk move: I'm not using it but you can't have it, neener neener!

Or I could be a jerk and grab @mwl@ for the explicit purpose of annoying M Warner Losh, as I did with😀

@mwlucas it wasn't *that* difficult to get it running, but there are some funky quirks.

I'm happy to talk about this offline.

@mwlucas modulo the usual constraints on time, yes

@phessler BTW, I tried to register and got:

We're sorry, but something went wrong on our end

@mwlucas yea, I'm gepoking the various settings. try again

@mwlucas oups, missed a setting in opening up the registrations. gefixt.

@phessler waiting for my confirmation email. And as you're kind enough to run a BSD instance, I'll be happy to point out every little mistake I find. Purely as a favor to you, of course.

@phessler Also, your front page needs art of Puffy & Beastie with tusks. OBVIOUSLY.

@phessler Hi, welcome here, if your instance is on #OpenBSD perhaps you can help @lanargeek!

@surveyor yes, the instance is running on specifically.

@phessler what's the target audience for Devs? Contributors? Fans?

@worr @phessler from a name like that I'd assume all BSD peoples are related

@deavmi @worr fans. explicitly not reserved for developers.