I have created a account for donations to me. I intend to use any monies to cover my open-source work, and for hosting this instance.

Since donations through the service are anonymous, I don't know if, or how much, people have donated.

@phessler How much do you think will cost per month?

@mathuin the hosting provider charges $40/mo for the machine, but the machine will be shared with some other VMs.

Assuming people behave, I won't have to spend a lot of time doing the actual administration of the systems.

@phessler Hey Peter, I'm donating some money on Liberapay and saw your profile. Just wondering if you have any way I can view your commits? I don't like to donate to any 'open source developers' if I can't see they're actively at it. Would be worth adding a link on your profile to whatever you can show as proof.

@BenWaters Almost all of my work is in OpenBSD. Because OpenBSD isn't a social network, it isn't trivial to link to all of my efforts.

graphical form of my commit history:

links to posts and commit messages:

I am and


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