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Grmbl. I *need* an Aisle seat when I fly. I did my check-in for the first leg of my trip, but can't check in for the second.

flight: checked in.
laundry: done.
bag: packed.
toiletries: packed
papers: printed.
travel clothes: prepared.

Just need to update my two laptops ( for , and x250 for everything else), and wake up on time.

and of COURSE, I go and corrupt my thinkpad. So, instead of a nicely relaxing evening I get to reinstall my laptop and hope it finishes in time.


peter hessler @openbsd @phessler

@anthk dd if=file of=/dev/sd0c

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@phessler @anthk shit
In my case, I fucked up (actually DMA issues) my gf Slackware install. Gonna install obsd 6.2 with lumina tomorrow.

@anthk @anthk yea, I'm copying my files back now.... Yuck.

@phessler @anthk it's one of those days. Vultr just today downed my box due to hardware issues, shortly later my thinkpad locked up and fsck screamed help... had my heart running for a moment there. I was considering doing a snapshot upgrade but looking on your report and my experience today I might just delay that by a day or two...

@mulander @anthk heh. well, snapshots should be safe now. people are preparing to travel to a hackathon.

@phessler @anthk I know :( Hope my situation changes this year. Attending g2k16 was one of the best things that happened to me so far - I hate missing on hackathons.

Hope you will rest up well and have a nice flight.

@phessler @anthk Ouch. I'm sorry for you, but glad I'm not the only one who has done something like this!