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Keynote talk about () is encouraging not Patent Reform, but Patent Abolition.

The speaker is also demolishing the Eureka Myth, and the Inventor-is-a-god Myth.

"If you don't publish, does your idea exist?"

The speaker (negatively) calls out that Hackers live by an Oral Tradition.

These should be published, in peer-reviewed papers.

peter hessler @openbsd @phessler

"if you are publishing research behind a paywall, I don't know what you are doing, but it isn't Science."

"If you don't publish everything necessary to reproduce, including hardware decisions and settings, it isn't Science."

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@phessler oh, finally some people admit this?
I've been saying this for a while already…

@phessler who's the brave soul who had the guts to say this?


Which ironically has no information published.

I already have a plan to (lightly) heckle, and encourage publishing the talk asap ;).

@phessler ok.
I'd like to add the schedule next year to Giggity, I'll have to contact them to get an ICS or pentabarf export…

@phessler looks like they use for the CfP, which can export ICS or XML 😉

@phessler there isn't any live stream, is there?

@phessler We had a discussion at the local Papers We Love meeting about this.

@phessler TIL Manhattan project scientists didn't do science.
@lain @phessler
Can you trust their claims if you can't verify them?

@lain as I understand it, they "mostly" did applied science / engineering.

Huge air quotes.