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who has two thumbs, and bought some tickets to in in June?

:flan_cool:​ this guy

Butt status: at home

that is the end of my trip, with bonus and a smidgen of actual work tacked on the side.

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Fucking Yankees scored around in the top of the 7th....

11-4, Evil Empire

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2 run bomb in the bottom of the first.

Then 2 more solo home runs

4-0, Red Sox


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Immediately after the national anthems, the organist played the "Tequila" song...

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They announced some DJ as if we are supposed to know who they are.

Other than 2 half-hearted boos, nobody reacted.

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While wandering around the stadium, one of the stewards stopped a couple of Tampa Bay Rays fans, to ask how the team did last night. Apparently her bestie is a big fan, so she follows along as well!

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In BP, Rafael Devers hit a shallow fly to short center field. It bounced directly up, and died less than a foot from where it first landed.

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The wrong team won today.

So I shall return tomorrow to see if the correct team will win the second game.

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B8, and Red Sox are the home team, so of course they are playing Sweet Caroline (Woah Oh Oh Oh!)

Traditional Sportsball

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The Red Sox are getting their faces rocked off. (17-6 Yankees, b6)

On the bright side, Freddie Mercury won the mascot race.

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Both pitchers pulled in the first, and both teams batted around.

Has that ever happened in ?

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Turns out, Tanaka only got 2 outs.

6-6, bottom of the 1st. It's been nearly an hour in this inning.

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Rick Porcello got one single out, gave up 6, including the first home run in London, and got his ass pulled.

Yankees batters were treating him like BP. So were the Red Sox fielders...

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"Why would people want to fly all this way to watch a game they can just get on TV?"

"Then you'd have to listen to Joe Buck, and nobody wants that"

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