Must be a , Tuffy brought a 10Base-T Hub for us. Look, you even have a hardware switch to set if it is an uplink port.

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Starting my trip home from the in Wellington. Step one, cable car down the hill!

(CW: , eye contact)

last full day of the in Wellington NZ.

The weather turned cold.

I had to put on pants :flan_set_fire:.

now has two 10G/25G/40G network drivers, bnxt(4) and ixl(4).

happy networking!

current status:

$ machine; apm
Battery state: unknown, 0% remaining, unknown life estimate
A/C adapter state: not known
Performance adjustment mode: manual (0 MHz)

Fresh from the

"Support 2TB phys mem" (on amd64)

Thanks mlarkin!

sweet, I just committed join "" (aka, join any) to at the

if you want your laptop to automatically connect to specific networks *and* any open wifi, you now can:

join foo wpakey foopassword
join bar wpakey hunter2
join baz nwkey 12345
join ""

Day-0: Time to head to the train station, so I can get to the airport.

MUC-HND/NRT-AKL-WLG here I come!

My phone has a calendar widget that goes not too far into the future.

Next item on the list: train to Leipzig for build and a Congress to enjoy!

Last item displayed: flights to NZ for an .

:flan_aww: :flan_squee: :flan_hacker: :flan_headphones: :flan_cat: :flan_hurrah: :flan_cheer: :flan_beer: :flan_guns: :antifa:

Happy ! gnuradio has been added to 's ports system, for your needs.

So long Ljubljana, it was delightful to have the in you. Hope to see you again soon!

"""I left out that since this evolves the fix with mapping _over_ the trampoline, we're calling this the Tuna Meltover.

Because you can tuna meltover, but you can't tune a fish.
(hat tip to the author of the tunefs(8) manpage.)

IT'S IN!!!!!

"""Introduce 'auto-join' to the wifi 802.11 stack.

This allows a system to remember which ESSIDs it wants to connect to, any
relevant security configuration, and switch to it when the network we are currently connected to is no longer available.

Works when connecting and switching between WPA2/WPA1/WEP/clear encryptions.

example hostname.if:
join home wpakey password
join work wpakey mekmitasdigoat
join open-lounge
inet6 autoconf

Happy ! The tee-shirt images for the have been uploaded. We've been busy working on our code and features!

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