I chose cycling in the title but it can work for any other sport where you travel, like running, hiking, sailing etc… :flan_aw:

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@florian I had this one since november but I had to check multiples url, commands, paths and think about the whole thing.

I wasn't happy with Qgis for viewing gpx files :D :D Hopefully we have GPXSEE now (thanks to landry@) and it's totally awesome.

@solene I was looking at qgis for generating tracks before going on a hike or a two week cycling trip but I couldn't get it to work. I think I used viking for this the last time but I was fairly unhappy with it but it got the job done.
I'll probably give qgis another try.

@florian you can create the track on turtlesport and export it as gpx :blobaww:

@solene I love your goal of riding every road around your home. I try to do the same, but just from memory.

Personally I’m more in the performance camp, and would use Golden Cheetah if I was as principled as you. But I’m not, so I just sync my garmin devices to Garmin Connect and TrainingPeaks.com. 😊

@liebach at least, it seems cycling electronic hardware are pretty interoperable, can you confirm?

@solene from personal experience I know that Garmin devices mount as USB disks, and you can pull out FIT files, which is more work than GPX, but there are open source software to work with them. And open docs on the format.

I believe other bike device manufacturers are more or less similar.

But you generally get the most bang for your bucks with Garmin.

@solene nice, what kind of phone are you using? I've had problems taking some phones in the mountains as maps, sometimes they don't really have GPS and rely on W[LW]AN for positioning...

also it's really neat to see more old software that hasn't been released in a while that still actually works and just does its job.

@kyl it's a xperia m2 if I remind well.
No custom rom for it sadly.

@solene Nice article.

I am currently using MyTourBook to track my running stats. As GPS device I have a Garmin Forerunner. Smartphone would work as well, however, I like my watch :)


@_xhr_ I'm pretty sure I've tried MyTourbook but IIRC it wasn't working on OpenBSD

@solene That might be. Since I need a Windows for all my DSLR stuff, I put the crappy Java code there as well :)

Good article.

How do you physically connect a smartphone to a computer when you use the sftp program to transfer recorded data?

Wi-Fi is convenient & SFTP is secure. 💪🙂🤳

BTW, do you use "ssh-copy-id" script in OpenBSD?
To my knowledge, this script does not come with a base system.

@Alex83 ssh-copy-id has been imported as a port today, it will be available as a package beginning with upcoming release 6.7

@solene fantastic solene, and thank you. Maybe I will soon stop using garmin stuff. You take me to ideas. Have fun too.

@solene avec plaisir, 😎 , if you are interested, I might tell you about my efforts...

@solene Cool! Until recently, I used a Handspring Visor and GPS module to map my urban photography walks, using a Palm OS app called CotoGPS and its Java-based companion desktop app from coto.p7.de/projects/cotogps/ It worked well with the GPS Visualizer site, too!

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