I've always seen being in IT now was like being in mechanics 80 years ago.

But now, I think being in IT is like being a plumber except your pipe vendor only sell rusty pipes with holes pouring everywhere or non standard pipes that won't work with your old pipes

People from both side of your pipes (users and the world) will try to push more shit in your pipes

I think Opensource software is there to help plumbers to make their own pipes, so the content doesn't get poured on them. :flan_thumbs:

@solene I see IT workers as the invisible elves that work their assess off to make everything (literally) in this world work. No one acknowledges them until everybody is pissed off when something goes wrong, and of course it is the fault of these lazy expensive IT People.

OpenSource is "Why do I have to pay you for your work? You just installed free piping that I could have 3D-printed myself"


@kicou I disagree there, it's not because it's opensource that it will be easier to set up (it's often harder).
And companies often want warranties so you may pay for your opensource product (help/maintenance services). Opensource doesn't necessarily mean cheap.

@solene and I totally agree with you.

I was being sarcastic.

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