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My return to social media via after a 3 year absence. πŸ˜Žβ€‹

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β€œLook again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us.” β€” Carl Sagan

A newly processed version of the iconic β€˜Pale Blue Dot’ image shows Earth 4 billion miles away from @NASAVoyager.

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Print the poster: 

I've been using digiKam for about a year to manage my library of ~100K photos spanning 20 years and I've barely scratched the surface in what the tool can do. I have a long way to go to get my library organized: tagged and categorized, in a way that will let me find what I'm looking for with ease--but this will get me there.

Phenomenal ski today. Sun shining, groomed trails, impeccable silence.

Proof of time travel (Epictetus quote) 

New drive for the Power Mac G5 on its way. Hoping to breathe life into it again with a fresh OpenBSD install.

Finished the last and latest from Umberto Eco 

Flooded with epiphanies this evening. Need to cut back on the coffee :flan_coffee:​

I was planning to switch from Postfix to OpenSMTPD. Now I'm thinking, why change if Postfix has been solid?

I said goodbye to a friend today. 

It's ridiculous how many websites are just text and images but won't load/render without a half dozen or more 3rd party javascript files loaded. The cesspool web.

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The light cannot exist without the dark

This spiral galaxy was captured by @NASAHubble as a part of a black hole study. Black holes are fundamental components of galaxies and are thought to lurk at the hearts of many β€” if not all β€” spirals. 

The cosmos is a fascinating place. To contemplate the stars is seemingly an exercise in making the infinite concrete. If I had been an astronomer I would have been in a perpetual state of awe.


Emacs -> mg 

I couldn't remember a keyboard shortcut sequence I use every day. I thought about it and I couldn't articulate it. Then I told myself, don't think about it, just type it. So I did, and it worked! :flan_think:​ :flan_shrug:​

My 10-year-old son asked if "Capitalism" was like "Cannibalism". I said yes, of course.

My return to social media via after a 3 year absence. πŸ˜Žβ€‹

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