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No Internet access at the time, somehow all the Linux CDs distributed with magazines were lacking development tools and FreeBSD had impressive propaganda material for my then teenage mind, so sometime during summer 2005 I managed to get my hands on a 3-CD set of 5.3.

Off to . Looking forward to tonight's Beer Event.

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Who on here has any experience with the Tilera TILE platform? I have two TILEncore-Gx36 cards that I'm looking to "play" with and would appreciate having someone to (occasionally & thoughtfully) ping about them.

Boosts appreciated!

Deja Vu from last week, but with different BSD flavor this time:

No console output to stdout from your FreeBSD qemu guest with -nographic?

# echo "-D" > /boot.cfg && reboot

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I love @t_pageflt blog post about their #netbsd hacking set up.

Any other kernel hackers want to follow suit and share their set up?


GDB geeks. I have written an extension for displaying memory contents in different byte orders. It might be handy for all those times you're examining memory regions containing data from network protocols.

You can get it here:


Dear Person-from-the-Future who will eventually come upon this message through a search engine,

If you're running netbsd-current (8.99.12, which also won't be -current by then) on qemu with "-nographic" argument and wonder why you don't see the console output in your stdout, wonder no more:

Explicitly specify "consdev com0;" as a boot command in your /boot.cfg.

The world depends on you,

DevOps engineer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. FreeBSD user, among others. Enjoys CTFs and wargames. Occasionally p[ee|o]kes in kernels.