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Released etsh-5.0.2 on the 22nd (tagged) & 23rd (packaged) of January I did .. See etsh.io/src/ for info & downloads .

Today is "I Love Free Software" Day! Join us in celebrating !ILoveFS and show the world why you love !FreeSoftware. Have a look at https://ilovefs.org for activities, enjoy the gallery of Free Software lovers, and help us to make contributors smile <3 http://l.fsfe.org/Bov0VA #fsfe #FreeSoftware

This is an "at will" employment state. Which means you can walk up to anyone and, if you will it, they're now your employee. Pay them. Give them health insurance. They can't even stop you.

Up(grad|dat)ed my Dell Inspiron 5567 again this afternoon (<2 weeks running previous). No probs. Now, back to work. 6.2-current =^)

Finally updated my V6Shell Blog at blog.v6shell.org/ last night & today .. No new posts (yet), but it's a start either way ... =)

Bought (i.e., SSH Mastery Second Edition) .. Never had a book before, but now I do .. Thanks a mil, @mwlucas .. You rock !

This will be my first time exploring ssh (openssh) not by way of its manuals on a terminal... =^)

There is a meltdown patch in the snapshots. If you were holding out, testing -current now might be a good time try, you may help find problems.


if your "security" relies on the fact you hide your source code, then maybe you shouldn't be writing code at all.

this was mostly in response to apple getting butthurt that their boot code got leaked and now jailbreakers found a bunch of vulnerabilities in it

"Le plus gros leak de l'histoire" : une section cruciale du code source d'iOS a été diffusée sur Internet
Le code source d'iBoot, l'un des programmes iOS les plus importants, a été diffusé anonymement sur Github.

Content that I got both my laptop & my server ( vm / vps ) upgraded to the same #OpenBSD 6.2-current snapshot early this morning. Snap is from the 2nd of February 2018 ( aka yesterday ).

Did you know: Teotihuacan is one of the greatest Classical Mesoamerican cities, and was (by estimate) the 6th-largest city in the world at its height...

...and we have no idea who built it. ("Teotihuacan" is itself a Nahuatl word assigned to the city by the Aztecs, who took it over centuries after the original city fell; like the classical Greeks and Mycenae, the Aztecs assumed Teotihuacan must have been built by the gods.)

Released etsh-5.0.2 on the 22nd (tagged) & 23rd (packaged) of January I did .. See etsh.io/src/ for info & downloads .

If I may say so, there were more problems while updating the style than I had hoped. I'm doing it on the live production site. After I finalize it on the test pages, I'll deploy it to the rest of the site. I almost gave up, but I didn't.

A little please, if I may be so bold to ask?? Thanks in advance!

Pardon the noise, folks, but I'm curious. See, I've been converting the css for the etsh website from dark foreground and light background to light on dark. Only enabled 3 pages so far.

etsh.io/, etsh.io/license/, and etsh.io/contact/

If you don't mind, could you please have a look and let me know whether or not your eyeballs or brains explode? Hopefully neither happens though =)

Why do I love this ? Well, the rocks my world each day (and yours too, by the way); and its is beautiful beyond words. See, the thing about fortunes, the clever play of words is important to me. That's all. Enjoy.

( shared this toot via Twitter I did )

Nasrudin walked into a teahouse and declaimed, "The moon is more useful
than the sun."
"Why?", he was asked.
"Because at night we need the light more."

( thanks again -s .. I do so love you <3 )

The two most common things in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.
-- Harlan Ellison ( jajaja, thanks -s )

if you like one of them, you could like others (aka self-promoting of tools for OpenBSD - all available in ports):

- sysclean : list obsolete files between OpenBSD upgrades (aka delete old stuff between upgrades)

- checkrestart : help to find processes that need restarting after upgrade (aka which service to restart after pkg_add -u)

- upobsd : download, verify and patch bsd.rd image (aka upgrading the system without hands)

@elita Good afternoon! 🌞 How are you and yours doing today?