The following is a great example of one big problem I have with OpenBSD. I understand the rejection of ABI compat, but it comes at a cost.

COVID-19, Tax 

Just trying rebuild my sons nursery with Lego and discover there are too few PoC in my Lego set.

Joke, Religion 

I saw Stein's presentation with a mindset of "Nearly everything is B*s* but there might be one or two true statements." - made me completely ignore the garbage about CVS. Much healthier this way.

Am I the only one suffering from the fact that PoC can mean "Person of colour" and "Proof of concept"?

"It was a beautiful Saturday in London. Joe was waiting for his train. It would be on time, like all trains in and around London had been on time today. He was nice and warm since he arrived from hell, where it had freezing temperatures for the first time in history."

Tilt Five is the first tech in VR/AR space that feels just right. I really wish there is a market for this and it takes off. I just hope the RPG pitch they are using will not turn off too many non-Gen-X people.

Just upgraded a desktop to current, and now have a flicker in my XFCE. Goes away when I disable the compositor. Very annoying.

Question: I need a good book on IPv6 and IPsec. It specifically needs to help me setup BSD and Linux boxes. Of course it should also explain all the basics. Any suggestions?

Frustrated, is too slow after the update, it worked nicely before. (Is it my 10 year old i7-950 CPU?!) - also, the 🎮 stopped working. Will try to see if thing improve if I run on Win10 (instead of Linux).

From 36°C to 22°C within 4h. Looking forward to the drop tonight.

I am looking for the most expressive and sound type system in any language that NOT turing complete. Any hints?

Yesterday was spring, today is summer, tomorrow is fall. That is London 2019.

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What do we want?

Lazy evaluation!

When do we want it?

Only when it is needed!!!!


Can somebody please explain the National Express pricing model to me?

I always wonder: can somebody who was not born in the 70 as white and male appreciate SID music?

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